Life Changes


“What happens when you loose what kept you alive?
 What happens when you start wondering what you’re doing in here?
 What happens when the aim of your life seems suddenly so faded and sensless?

Nothing happens: and that’s what hurts the most”


“Whenever I look at people, I look at unhappy people” (Thomas Bernhard’s Gargoyles)


“Whenever I look at people, I look at unhappy people,” the prince said. “They are people who carry their torment into the streets and thus make the world a comedy, which is of course laughable. In this comedy they all suffer from tumors both mental and physical; they take pleasure in their fatal illness. When they hear its name, no matter whether the scene is London, Brussels, or Styria, they are frightened, but they try not to show their fright. All these people conceal the actual play within the comedy that this world is. Whenever they feel themselves unobserved, they run away from themselves toward themselves. Grotesque. But we do not even see the most ridiculous side of it because the most ridiculous side is always the reverse side. God sometimes speaks to them, but he uses the same vulgar words as they themselves, the same clumsy phrases. Whether a…

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